Cookies or Cocktails?

Cookies or Cocktails

The Fun Stuff:

Rustle up that rugelach recipe, share your family’s favorite gingerbread cookies, or let us in on the secret to your perfect candy cane martini.  Post your favorite recipe in the comments below. We can’t wait to start testing them out!


The Fine Print:

To be entered for a chance to win a $25 Title Nine Gift Card, submit your cookie recipe and/or cocktail recipe in the comments below. Recipe must be received no later than December 11, 2015 at 11:59pm PST to qualify. Entrant must be a legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and 21 years or older. Title Nine employees and their families are not eligible. One cookie recipe winner and one cocktail recipe winner will be announced on December 16, 2015. Each winner will receive a $25 Title Nine Gift Card.


Holiday Haiku Contest!


Do you know all the words to The Dreidel Song? Can you drop a mean rhyme about Santa Claus? Sing us your favorite holiday song or write us a festive holiday haiku (5/7/5 syllables) when you check out at our stores or online. We’ll give you a little something for your creative efforts!



Shake a Tail Feather This Thanksgiving

There are so many Thanksgiving traditions to love: carving the turkey (or Tofurky), kids’ pinecone-craft centerpieces, sharing what we’re grateful for, and gathering together with family and friends. But here at Title Nine, one of our favorite traditions doesn’t revolve around the actual meal at all.

Turkey TrotBefore the stuffing bakes and the cranberry sauce boils (or drops out of a can), many of us at Title Nine lace up our shoes and head out to a local turkey trot to start the day.  What better way to bond with your family and neighbors than to take a few laps around a local park or trail?



Serious Competition, Serious Fun: The Title Nine Olympics.

At Title Nine we believe that sports and fitness can be fun and transformational. It says so right on our walls. Our CFO leads Tabata classes in the company gym. Lunchtime yoga is taught by a customer service rep. The distribution center hosts parking lot boot camp classes, and our stores hold their meetings while hiking or navigatiWe believeng ropes courses.

We believe sweating together, laughing together, and encouraging each other makes us better coworkers, and in turn, a better company for all of our customers.

Cheering TeamWhich is why, once a year since 2002, we shut down headquarters, suspend shipping, send customer service phones to voice mail, and fly in all 23 store managers from across the country. We come together for a day of teamwork, athletics, and a lot of silliness at the Title Nine Olympics.

Serious Competition

The 2015 games were held at a cavernous local gym. We began our morning by dividing up into eight teams with names such as Dink & Sparkle, Bras n’ Bros, and Back in Black. Team captains were chosen, cheers composed, and hilarious dances choreographed. Team loyalty was strong, and the competition was serious (injuries included), but ultimately we knew we were all playing on one big team.

Morning games included Off the Wall Ball (a game made up by our founder, Missy), Office Chair Foosball, Human Hungry Hungry Hippo, and Cup Stacking. The games were a mix of physical exertion, mental strategy, and just plain ridiculousness – something for everyone.