#EmbraceTheDetours Instagram Challenge: Week One


Embrace the Detours

We’ve all been there: no sports bra in our gym bag means we swap that bouncy boot camp for Pilates instead. A hike with friends morphs into a walk with our toddler when the babysitter cancels. Our easy run turns into “squirrel-sprints” when our puppy refuses to slow down.

At Title Nine we welcome these wrong turns, these accidental adventures that send us down a new or unexpected path. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes welcomed, the detours in our lives are often where the most interesting stuff happens. We ‘embrace the suck’ when we’re training hard, we ‘embrace change’ when we’re given challenges in our life. We #EmbraceTheDetours.

We are celebrating detours this month by challenging you to show us the detours in your life and how you turn them into positives. Follow us on Instagram and check in each Monday, starting March 7, for a new #EmbraceTheDetours challenge and a chance to win detour-ready gear from Title Nine. Ready for your first challenge?



Baby and Ocean vs. Bikini: Who Won?

As the copywriter at Title Nine, I’ve long had to consider the plight of women of all walks of life when writing — especially when it comes to swimwear. The nemesis of many, friend of few, swimwear seems to be a sticky subject for women of all ages and builds.

grom Christina

Grom life, circa 1988.

A beach baby at heart, I spent summers slithering in and out of wetsuits or already-wet rashguards in Santa Cruz. My dad used to help me into my little spring wetsuit (which he still has) before paddling me out on his boogie board, my feet barely touching the water, and push me off on waves. Family vacations might find us wetsuit clad in Santa Barbara, or snorkeling in the warm waters of Hawaii. Board shorts and rashguards for women and girls were not as readily available growing up, so as a kid, and even as a tween and teen, I remember getting excited when I finally found pieces that weren’t “shrink it and pink it,” even more so when I found ones that actually fit.

This past August I tackled the longest, most rewarding endurance event I’ve taken on to date: childbirth. Having a baby gave me a whole new perspective as my husband and I prepared for our own family vacation: heading to Kauai to visit my parents. Suddenly, thoughts and questions I’d never had before came flooding in: with my new post-pregnancy body, what would I wear to the beach? What suits would work best for nursing and hold up to a grabby-handed six month old? Having a baby did not mean I’d give up wearing a bikini, but as someone who formerly categorized herself as “built for speed,” (a.k.a. small chested) having to find suits that fit a fluctuating 32DD seemed rather daunting.

Pele Bikini + baby

Mom life, present day.

Thankfully, Title Nine let me borrow some of our new swim separates and a few other goodies and put them to the test. I was eager to pit them against the muggy Hawaiian heat, some serious boogie boarding, and the demands of a nursing baby. If our gear could stand up to all that, it can certainly stand up to anything you have in store for it! (more…)


Words To Live By

Words to Live By

What gets you through a run? What gets you through the night with a colicky baby? What gets you through a long day at work? What gets you to the summit? What are the mottos and mantras that keep you moving through your wonderful, frustrating, amazing, adventurous life?

We want to know!


We Are Title Nine

We are

Who are we at Title Nine? We are all these things and so much more, just like you. But what ultimately drives us is the belief that a fit woman is fit for everything. So tell us…

What are you fit for?


We Know Sports Bras

T9 BravangelistsOnly at Title Nine will you get the expertise that comes from decades of selling, testing, and designing sports bras. Only at Title Nine will you find sports bras from dozens of manufacturers. Only at Title Nine will you get expert fit advice from women who actually wear and test each and every sports bra, and only at Title Nine do you get the take-it-for-a-test-drive, 360-Guarantee.

The bras we reach for time and time again are the ones you’ll find in our selection: bravangelist-tested and approved. (more…)