What’s Your Winter’Tude?

Has all the fun. Is not for beginners.
Has good aim. Grabs life by the horns.
Conquers the hill. Is tried and true.

What’s YOUR winter ‘tude? Share with us below!



Halloween at T9: the Wizard of Bras

Every year at T9HQ, we get the warehouse and home office teams together for lunch and of course, a big costume competition. While prizes are awarded to best individuals, best small groups (2-3 people,) and best large groups (4+,) this year the Customer Service crew crushed the competition with their group theme costume of “The Wizard of Bras.”

Their presentation was too good to not share, so we took a little timeout in the studio to present unto you four and a half minutes of parody we support.

Happy Halloween!

T9’s Wizard of Bras Parody from Title Nine Social on Vimeo.