Cast Your Vote: Which Model Image is Your Favorite?

We know you love our model athletes: ordinary women doing extraordinary things. With is so much action on our photo shoots, we end up with tons of great action images, leaving us with so many images to choose from featuring these amazing women that we need YOUR help.

For just 48 hours we’re opening the polls up. Cast your vote and tell us which model image is your favorite!

Which one is your pick?

EDIT: Thank you for participating in our model image poll! Polls opened at noon PST Wednesday 4/29/15, closed at noon PST Friday 5/01/15, and were a great success. It’s only a matter of time before we start up a new one. Don’t miss the announcement: be sure to follow us here, on Facebook or via Twitter.


Title 9K Boulder: What’s Your Inspirational Story?

It’s no secret that at our events, we do things differently. At our upcoming 2015 Title 9K+ Boulder, the top three fastest women across the line, the fastest mom with stroller, and the first girl and boy under 18 will receive prize bags filled with great items contributed by our vendors.

It’s not just our two dedicated stroller divisions that make our events different: the three best inspirational stories will also receive awards.


A Boulder ultrarunner, Jenn (above) had the unthinkable happen during a training run, an experience which she shared with the world via Zelle. Her experience this past summer will certainly make crossing the finish line with her four kids this year on Mother’s Day – a day that she did not necessarily think she would live to see – even more memorable.

We invited Jenn to celebrate her Mother’s Day with us at the Title 9K+ this year, and in turn, she asked to share a few words with you all on race day. We’re sharing what she had to say in advance, and how to share an inspirational story of your own with us.



Do It In a Dress: Meet Lisa

We love this “Do It In a Dress” customer submission from Lisa F. of Oakland, CA. Thank you again Lisa for sharing how you spin!

Here’s the story straight from Lisa:
“DO IT IN A DRESS IS MY NEW MANTRA: Hi. My name is Lisa F. I was reading your catalog after work yesterday and loved your “Do it in a Dress” photo and slogan. It prompted me to tell you this story that happened to me on March 28th.


I had just finished teaching an 8 a.m. spin class at the Club at the Claremont in Oakland, Calif. I had showered and changed into a black, sporty dress, on my way out to a bar mitzvah. I was almost out the door when the club manager told me that the 9 a.m. teacher was a no show. I popped my head in. About 25 club members were already on their bikes, waiting for class to begin and the teacher was not answering her phone. I sprung into action. (There’s nothing worse than not having your teacher not show up for class.) I strapped on my cycling shoes and taught the entire class in my dress. The class was super happy and grateful. One even took pictures. I had a blast – the dress was actually quite comfortable, minus the skirt part getting caught on the seat once or twice! I raced home, (didn’t shower) and threw on a purple version of the same dress. Made it to the bar mitzvah a bit late, but not so bad. I still heard the important part of the service.”

Is there anything that can’t be done in a dress? We don’t think so.

Want to share your own “Do It In a Dress” tale? Send us a Facebook message, tag us using #myT9 and #doitinadress, or send an email to with “Do It In a Dress” in the subject line.