T9 Behind the Scenes: Winter ’15

Winter Behind the Scenes

What do you do when you have to shoot your winter catalog in summer? You get creative! Lucky for Title Nine, we have some of the most creative people around. Our team got to work searching for summer snow, and where there wasn’t snow, well, we had a few tricks up our sleeve.



Take It Outside

Take It Outside

How do you squash the excuses and get outside, even as it gets colder and darker? We want your tips and tricks for getting outside all season long!


Celebrate The Backside

The Backside

Do your thighs power you up long hills on your trail run? Do your hips keep you stable on your SUP? Can your butt get you through a century bike ride without complaint? It’s time to celebrate these often maligned body parts! How does your backside keep you moving?


You, Yes, You!


Whether you’re hiking the Adirondacks in your SWB (skirt with benefits), going for a ride in your Futurama Dress, or paddleboarding in your T9 board shorts, we want to see you and your Title Nine gear in action!

Throw on your favorite T9 outfit,

snap a pic, post it, and tag it #myt9!


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