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At Title Nine, apparel is just part of what we do. Our founder Missy recently put into words what fuels our actions each and every day.

We’ve designed our business to inspire women to lead, to risk, and to own. We run our business as a team sport that brings out the best in ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers.

Meet some of the women of Title Nine: (more…)


Cast Your Vote!

Cast Your Vote

Each season we choose one “model” image to be our featured hero. Our summer season is coming soon, and we’d love to hear which one you think it should be. Let your voice be heard! (Please vote only once.)

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Meet Our Model: The Unstoppable Stephanie

Meet StephanieFormer special education teacher turned small business owner. Dedicated surfer turned competitive skateboarder. Adventurous woman turned unstoppable force. When monthly blood transfusions to treat her hypogammaglobulinemia threatened to keep her from hitting the waves, she took to the concrete instead.

There aren’t many 40 year old novice, competitive female skaters out there, but that didn’t hold Stephanie back. She dove head first (sometimes literally) into skateboarding, even when it meant being the oldest skater at the competitions. (more…)


We Are…

We are...

We are a small, Northern California company.

We are a happy band of product users and product makers, math girls and data geeks, spread sheet whizzes and color story divas.

We are one of the very few, women-owned, multi-store retailers in the United States.

We wish this were not the case.

We often work while we’re still sweaty.

We also wish this were not the case, but cannot help ourselves.

We use real people as our models, real people who have real jobs and real families and do really cool sports and go on really crazy adventures.

This makes for photo shoots that are a lot of fun and sometimes a little crazy.

We are a group of women and a few really extraordinary men who think that the way we do business is also the way we change ourselves, our communities, and our world.

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Missy Park, Founder


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