Here’s to the Tough Mothers

To celebrate all the bad*ss mothers holding down the fort and still managing to raise the roof, we invited you to head to Instagram and tag photos of #onetoughmother in your life.

Congrats to our winner @naturemamareads! A self-described outdoor mama and book lady, she’s also a nursing assistant and environmental advocate. And while only one mama could win the Ortovox Fly Daypack full of tough mother worthy gear, every one of you is definitely #onetoughmother.

Check out just a few of the awesome entries we received:



Open in Case of Emergence


“Come on in, the water’s fine.”

I love this phrase. It does not say that the water is safe or warm or perfect, but it is fine. And that’s the world we are all going to emerge into over the next weeks and months: a world that is fine. (more…)


What Does An Athlete Look Like?

Missy Letter

She’s the 5-year-old girl pedaling beyond her mom’s reach on her first bike ride.
Or the teenager hitting the winning basket as time expires.
She’s the woman learning to row after work and before the PTA meeting.
She’s the mom with her son in a stroller, getting her run in at day’s end.
Or the one learning to swim at age 50. (more…)


The 2020 Fit Fest Tour

The 2020 Fit Fest is coming to a store near you! Grab a friend and join us at one of our 20 stores to get your personalized bra fit, put our bras to the test at our bounce-athlon, and enjoy treats and drinks while you shop! Plus, peak inside our traveling Box O’ Bras for additional sizes and styles not normally in our stores, enter to win a gift card, and get 9% off all bras purchased at the event. (more…)