We Know Sports Bras

T9 BravangelistsOnly at Title Nine will you get the expertise that comes from decades of selling, testing, and designing sports bras. Only at Title Nine will you find sports bras from dozens of manufacturers. Only at Title Nine will you get expert fit advice from women who actually wear and test each and every sports bra, and only at Title Nine do you get the take-it-for-a-test-drive, 360-Guarantee.

The bras we reach for time and time again are the ones you’ll find in our selection: bravangelist-tested and approved. (more…)


A Day in the Life of Alaskan Mushers

A day in the lifeWe headed to Alaska to test out our favorite winter gear and learned a thing or two about racing a team of dogs in the world’s foremost sled race, the Iditarod. Dog mushers, Laura and Maggie, took us behind the scenes at the Susan Butcher Training Facilities for a day of hard work, serious training, and plenty of wet doggy kisses.

Meet Laura

Occupation: Dog musher and tour guide
Current car: 2001 Ford Escape
Favorite mode of transit: Dog sled
Embarrassing nickname: “Squat” (DON’T ask!)
Indispensable T9 gear: Daily Down Vest; I’m lost (and very cold) without it
Bathtub reading: Mushing Magazine (it’s real!)
Best four-legged friends: Haggard, Leaps, Sugar, Dash, Ivory, Roxy, Bou, Katie, Soldier, Rishi, Flynn and Walker
Fangirl for: Roxy
Role model(s): See best friends
Most recent adventure: 2015 Iditarod



My Gear, My Way, #MyT9

My gear My way

Whether you’re running Missouri trails in your 3 Reasons Bra, SCUBA diving in Cozumel in your Riptide Rashguard, or just happen to show up to dinner in the same Après Pullover as your mom, we want to see you and your Title Nine gear in action!

Throw on your favorite T9 outfit,

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Start Something

Start Something

A resolution, well, that’s a lot of pressure. We make grand plans, set big goals, write out long lists. And then, when we don’t accomplish it all we beat ourselves up. So this year, we resolve to not resolve anything. Instead, we will take a first step and see where it takes us. Because if our goal is just to start, we really can’t really fail can we? And that seems like a great way to start out a new year.

What will you start in 2016?