We all know the feeling. You finally get your workout/training groove down pat and you find yourself satisfied with the current routine when BAM – life happens and you have to adjust all over again! Now that school is kicking back into gear we’re guessing there are a few of you Mom’s and Dad’s out there who may be having to give up that morning run to coordinate  the hustle and bustle of the morning – packing lunches, coordinating showers, brushing teeth, making beds and getting into the car on time to make it school. Or, like us you’ve noticed it takes a little longer for that sun to get out of bed in the morning and you’re trying to adjust to post-work workouts. Well thanks to Women’s Running we’ve got some great tips that will help you stay on track and be committed to your training:

1. Keep workout gear in your car or at your office. Did your last meeting run late or an unexpected errand threaten to derail your plans? Never fear- travel with your gear! Don’t let a last minute change of plans throw off your training plan. By keeping a set of running clothes and shoes with you at all times, you can run from anywhere, anytime.

2. Schedule your training. In the digital age we live in, our computers and smart phones are never far from reach. Take advantage of your electronic calendar and schedule your running time as you would with any other appointment. By doing this, you’ll ward off meeting requests from colleagues before they even grace your inbox and therefore avoid temptation to skip out on a workout. Remember, your health is a priority!

3. Take advantage of after-school activities. For busy moms, the afternoon often fades into night in one quick blur. Between dance recitals and soccer practice, some moms find themselves feeling like a train operator shuttling kids from one activity to the next. Busy moms on-the-go can make the most of “practice”  time by finding a running route near your child’s activity. Maybe rehearsal only lasts 30 minutes – but hey, that’s precious time to squeeze in a run!

4. Make Fido happy. Long days away from home often leave our four-legged friends a little lonely. One quick way to remedy sad puppy-dog eyes is to break out the leash and take to the street for an evening walk. Runners can easily incorporate their dogs into a training plan by heading out for a run to finish off with a cool-down walk with Fido. Committing to exercise your puppy can make lacing up your shoes a tad bit easier (especially when you know the reward is a wagging tail!).

5. Recruit running friends. Accountability is a beautiful thing, especially when it involves friends. Make plans with your running buddies to meet up after work for a pre-happy hour workout. By dedicating your efforts to a healthy activity you’ll forge stronger relationships with your friends and be less likely to overindulge in post-workout food. It’s true- friends who run together, stay together!