T9 Olympics

At Title Nine we believe that sports and fitness can be fun and transformational. Our HR manager leads Tabata classes in the company gym, the distribution center trains for 5K’s together, our stores host running clubs and hiking groups. And once a year, we all come together for a day of teamwork, athletics, and a lot of silliness at the Title Nine Olympics.

Serious Competition

The games of XV Olympiad were a mix of physical exertion, mental strategy, and just plain ridiculousness – something for everyone.

Serious Fun

It wasn’t all about the physical and mental strategy. In fact, the top award of the day isn’t given to the team with the most points, but the team with the most spirit. Our philosophy: play hard but cheer even harder.

Taking time as a company to play and sweat together makes us a stronger, happier team. And when we love what we do, we serve our customers better. We hope this comes across in every interaction we have with you!

group shot

 Special Thanks

  • Chief organizers and all around amazing ladies: Carla Jourdan and Michele Yin
  • Awesome referees: Valerie Pope (Head Ref), Jessica Fisher, Aaron Castillo, Wendy Medieros, Winnie Fink
  • Talented photographer: Thomas Campitelli
  • Fabulous event space: Tee Fecteau and the staff of Bladium Sports & Fitness Club – Alameda

    The Refs

    What games should we play next year?