Girls Day Out

This day after Thanksgiving, you’ll find us doing our thing in the great outdoors.

Sure, it’s Black Friday, but we call this day our #GirlsDayOut. Instead of working–in the office or in our homes–we’re headed outside with family, pups, best buds, and the hardworking women in our lives. It’s our way of giving thanks to our badass bodies, our couldn’t-do-it-without-you villages, and to Mother Earth for serving up a playground for endless action.

In preparation for our #GirlsDayOut, we’re seeking out the best spots to get our adventure on. Hidden gems for those of us searching for the crunch of pine needles under our trail shoes, crags for those of us who like to literally climb out of our turkey day food coma, waterways for the paddlers, scenic scrambles for the adventure photographers, and, well, the list of epic excursions goes on.

So we thought we’d share not only how we’re getting outside, but where we’re headed. Check out our list of #GirlsDayOut adventure ideas and click around to great outdoor spots in your area, courtesy of the community of explorers at The Outbound Collective. (Each adventure is vetted by thousands of outdoor-ers like us, all over the country and the world).

9 Types of adventures we’re planning for #GirlsDayOut on Black Friday this year:

Hikes that test our endurance (and give us reason to stay out longer).

Picturesque scrambles to iconic viewpoints with epic pay-off.

Gnarly MTB adventures that stoke our outer adrenaline junkie, like the rockin’ and rollin’ singletrack at China Camp we shred that’s just a hop, skip and a jump from T9HQ here in NorCal.

Polar plunges, because we only live once and apparently this sort of frigid fun is great for the immune system.

Crag meet-ups for bouldering, climbing, and muscling our way to the top.

Surf spots that keep our focus on every ebb and flow. Here’s hoping your homebase sets are hella sweet like ours off Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding to get an early taste of fresh winter pow.

Paddling out to experience new perspectives as the tides change.

Trail running that ignites our sense of adventure from the ground up. BRB – the iconic Dipsea Trail is calling us to descend from the great redwoods of Muir Woods down to the surf of Stinson Beach.