We are a small, Northern California company, woman-run and owned since 1989. We are not part of some large corporation, nor do we have outside investors. With the help of our community and our customers, we’ve boot-strapped our way to a band of 300 women and men who are committed to the idea of women owning and risking and leading. We believe that the outdoors and a good workout can be the antidote to many of life’s problems. Every item we sell has been carefully chosen or designed by us, for us and you. We test our product over and over; and yes, the women at Title Nine design and curate the pretty clothes (and the bad-ass ones too), but we also run the computer systems, crunch the numbers, manage the cash flow, make the mistakes, fix the mistakes, and run the show. We believe that business is a game, a team sport, a grand experiment and a powerful engine of change.

Wanna run with us?

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