Take the plunge

If this election season can teach us anything, it will teach us that it is always better to have tried, to have risked, to have learned, than to never have tried at all. This year, at the polls, our daughters and our sons literally get to “See Jane Run.” And with so many “Janes” running, we will see Jane win. And yes, we’ll also see Jane lose, but most importantly, we will see Jane learn.

Yep, women, both Republican and Democrat, are running in record numbers. More of us are on the ballot for state and national office, 30% more than have ever been on the ballot before. And, regardless of party, when that happens, everybody wins.

Because these women are taking the risk to run and to lead, more women’s voices will be heard.

And, with that we will become a more representative democracy, a more perfect nation.

We are the runners, now more than ever,

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Missy Park Founder

PS: We’ll continue to support women of every party running for office. This Election Day, we’ll be donating 9% of net sales to She Should Run. Check them out!

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