For 35 years a band of women athletes and adventurers have been running the show here at Title Nine.

Over the years, we’ve become experts at finding the best apparel and gear for women who venture out.

We know the value of a great sports bra because we’ve tested thousands.

We know every brand out there because we’ve worn, over and over again, every brand out there.

We carefully test and pick the best outdoor gear and apparel for women who adventure.

We scour the market to find other women-owned brands that know how to design the best apparel, the best swimwear, the best outerwear, the best sports bras for women on the move.

And, yep, we are 100% women-owned and led.

We live by the motto: The best product wins. Always.

So whether it’s gear by us or by one of the many brands we curate, every single item is carefully tested by us to take you there… guaranteed.

Missy Park, Founder