She the People

Yes, 2020 was a year of Never-Befores, and much has been made of all of those Never-Befores that we hope will be Never-Agains.

AND… 2020, was the year that We, the people also became She, the people.

Across America, women showed up in droves to vote, to run, to lead and to win!

More women than ever before ran for office in 2020. And as a result of years of work on both sides of the aisle, we now have more women in the halls of Congress than ever before.

We have a woman and POC a heartbeat away from the Presidency: Vice President Kamala Harris.

We have our first all-female congressional delegation: yes, that’s you, New Mexico.

We have a rising tide and record-breaking group of female Republican leaders who will help change the conversation on Capitol Hill.

A woman will be one of our top spies, the keeper of our public lands, our Treasury Secretary, and the head of the office of Management and Budget.

In short, we’ll keep the secrets, care for the land, carry the cash, and keep the budget… thank you very much.

In the heart-breaking, record-breaking, history-making year that was 2020, women all over the country stepped up to lead and to risk and to own.

So, here’s to 2021: let’s get after it!!


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