CarryOn_Kicker_0804We carry a lot. We carry our teams, we carry our children, we carry housework and dumbbells and elections and emotions.

Sometimes we carry so much that it feels like we don’t have enough places to hold it all.

Then we collect baggage – baggage that slows us down, keeps some of our attention, makes us forget how capable, how energized, we can be.

Now we must remind ourselves: yes, we can carry a lot, but let’s only carry what we can hold in our own pockets, in our own hands. Let’s leave all that extra baggage behind.

We’ll still carry petitions and picket signs, housework and paid work, care-giving and the common good, but we can carry it without all the baggage.

So, as we move forward into this wonderful, willful new world of ours, let’s put aside the way things used to be and only carry the opportunities of the way things can be.

We can carry on.
We can.
We will.
We do.

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Missy Park


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