Each time I step outdoors, into the stillness and silence, I’m reminded that this, the great outdoors, is both counselor and comforter. Outdoors I am my best self, and remarkably, my kids are too. But still the phone cajoles, the inbox groans, the computer insists and that nagging list of to-do’s grows even longer.

But this winter, I’m promising myself and my family to get out more. You see, a remarkable thing happens when I do. The burdens of always-on connectivity become lighter. My to-dos seem somehow smaller. My heart grows fuller and my mind quieter.

So, this winter, when the demands of my digital life begin to overwhelm, I think I’ll tell em that I have to go to the powder room for a little “freshening up.”

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Missy Park, Founder

Where do you go to unplug and “freshen up?”