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Leaders & Followers

“Everything I know, I’ve learned from coaching teenage girls. In this election cycle, I thought I’d share their criteria for a good team captain.

– A captain should really WANT to be a captain.

– She does not have to be the best player, but she does have to be a REALLY HARD WORKER.

– She should LISTEN CLOSELY but she should not necessarily act on everything she hears.

– She has to be “up” even when, ESPECIALLY when, others are down.

– She has to be able to say the things that we MIGHT NOT WANT TO HEAR.

– But most importantly, these 8th and 9th graders recognized that in order for a leader to be successful, she also had to have REALLY GOOD FOLLOWERS.

That is the tricky part for all of us, isn’t it? How do we support our leaders, even ones we did not vote for, even when we disagree?

Here’s to hoping that we all have the strength to be good followers, no matter what the outcome of this election.

– Missy Park, Founder

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  1. Heidi #

    This has been the best thing I have read about the upcoming elections. Thank you for writing this…a true inspiration.

    October 5, 2012
  2. Heather #

    Politics aside, I think this letter was inspirational. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve posted it in my office to remind me to listen and speak up when it’s important and not for the sake of hearing my own voice.
    Regardless of your opinion, we would all accomplish more if we followed good leaders for their good qualities, rather than assuming all of their qualities are bad. If we dig are heels in we can miss the noticing the good parts in those leaders, when their bad parts or choices stir up our emotions. The moral, I believe, of sharing this sort of column is to be respectful of each other, as women and as leaders.
    I personally believe that, as a woman, the decisions I make about my diet, my exercise, and my body in general are mine to make. But, they may be differerent from others’, and that’s what makes this country so great…to each their own. Follow your path & tread lightly.

    October 3, 2012
  3. I usually walk away from political comments, however, this one I am not going to do so… Funny, because I thought she was going to be disappointed if Romney did win. In which case-since I will be voting for Romney-I was bummed that Missy would think that she would have to “make-do” – but not at the point of not shopping at Title Nine. Obviously, I am a woman, and my husband and I own a small business-that Obama did not help us build. And I am in the middle class-and Obama has shown me no promise of hope in this past 4 years-and I don’t see him bringing positive change in the next 4 years. As for your comment on Romney and women-I don’t get that either. I’m going to be so bold and say it his stance regarding abortion. Well my thought on that is if a gal is disciplined enough to train for a marathon or some type of event, she should be disciplined in the bedroom as well. I may be off base here, but I don’t think Missy’s point was to do more then maybe remind us to get out there and vote-and then respect the leadership we have.

    October 2, 2012
    • Eva #

      I never write a comment on any websites, but this time I don’t seem able to walk away. The Team Captain list is an incredibly enlightened and mature set of characteristics to look for in a person. I’m impressed that young women set such standards for their captain and themselves as a team. They not only felt it important to support and respect the chosen captain, but they also are aware that the captain will have hard things to tell them, things they will not be happy to hear. At their ages, they have already seen tough truths and hard decisions are part of the game. They have grasped the responsibility of team membership, as well as team leadership, and understand that many times it is important to hear what no one wants to say.

      When I read the article, I didn’t put any political ideas with it, but read it as I feel it was intended, a reminder that we are all American, one big team, with similar goals and dreams. We all share in the responsibility of our country, and voting is just one way to exercise our membership, so I hope everyone who can, does vote. At the same time, there are many ways to play on our team, get creative and volunteer for something you love, or a need you see. I feel this is what the Team Captain list was trying to awaken in it’s readers. Not boycotting hard working people for having an opinion, I mean really?

      Thanks for the article, I think it is fabulous and the timing couldn’t be better.

      October 3, 2012
      • JG #

        I agree with you Eva. I didn’t read a political direction in this post. That said, it seems to be a bit of a rorschach test for your political leanings.

        Missy thanks for reminding us all to vote and for reminding us what good leadership and good team work looks like. I appreciate your thoughts!

        October 14, 2012
        • JG #

          Not you in particular, I meant “one’s political leanings.”

          October 14, 2012
  4. Carla Muksat #

    Missy, I find your message disappointing at a minimum. You seem to be saying that if Romney, in my case (as he is the one I will not be voting for) should win, I should be a good follower and support his antedilluvian thinking about women. If that is in fact your position, I need to know as I will no longer be ale to shop at Title Nine nor recommend that others do. Would you please clarify your position?

    October 1, 2012

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