40 Years of Title IX

Day 2: What’s your new comfort zone?

We all know it’s easy to sidle up to what’s easy, but what have you done lately to push yourself to the next level?   Have you been running two miles instead of one?  Are you biking the whole trail instead of half?  Can you hold that headstand without the wall behind ya?  Whatever it is, we want to know about your new comfort zone. How are you challenging yourself to be your best self? 

Title Nine takes on the Ragnar Race Title Nine takes on the Ragnar Race T9ers Pushing Beyong the Comfort Zone

T9’s formula for pushing beyond our comfort zone:
Push, Recover, Celebrate!

The Payoff: If you still need that extra boost to pick up the pace, use us as an excuse!  There could be a great prize if you do.  Share your story and/or a photo of how you’ve made a former challenge your new norm and you could win a limited edition Power of 9 Tee and Title Nine water bottle.  Remember, any improvement counts as long as you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  As always, we give extra points for keeping it Title Nine. Don’t wait, get entered>

Countdown to Title IX Anniversary - Prizes

* Prize awarded based on availability –a substitute prize of equal or greater value may be awarded.

Title Nine - 40 Years
40 years ago Congress signed landmark legislation, Title IX, attacking the gender divide in sports. Today that divide has been virtually erased. In 1972, only 30,000 girls participated in high school sports. Today it’s over 3,000,000!! Because many of us here at Title Nine, including our founder, were there in the early years, we think there’s a lot to celebrate this year.