Designed and tested by our friends Meg and Dave Chun at Kialoa, the Waikiki Inflatable Paddleboard and Tiare Women’s Specific Paddle will take you from clear lakes to ocean surf, from world travels to weekend adventures.

A small, independently-run company with a passion for their products and their customers, we discovered Kialoa when we noticed how many of our photographers and “models” used their paddles and boards. Now Meg and Dave are like family. Not only do we use their gear in our photo shoots, but dinner at the Chun’s is our favorite part of any trip to Bend, Oregon. We thought it was high time we shared the Kialoa ‘ohana it with all of you!


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  • The Waikiki Inflatable Paddleboard has a wide, stable deck with plenty of rigging for gear, and it all packs into a travel bag for a quick escape.
  • The Tiare Paddle features a durable and lightweight Fibrlite™ blade with a full 16” of adjustment for quick changes or sharing with friends.
  • Add to that, $300 of Title Nine swim gear, and you’re ready to take on any aquatic adventure you can dream up!

The Power Behind the Paddle

Dave is the creative part of the Kialoa power-couple: obsessively designing and testing each paddle to perfection. Meg is the brains in the relationship: managing all the business details of Kialoa like a boss. Both are expert paddlers themselves, with Meg having raced outrigger for 25 years and Dave, even longer.


For Dave and Meg, it’s not just about loving the water, it’s loving the connection to people that paddling brings. Says Meg, “Every stroke you take you’re in the moment of that stroke. You’re outside, you’re with your friends, you’re endorphining-out…My whole life and all the relationships in it, virtually have come because of paddling.” We can’t think of a better reason to get out on the water than that!

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Images courtesy of Kialoa