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Why We Title 9K

In 2003, when the inaugural Title 9K starting gun rang out in the clear blue Boulder sky, we did not yet know what sort of evolution was to take place. We did not know that first Mother’s Day would spawn a run series that would grace lives in different cities, or that it would become such a big part of who we are as a company. While our races have grown over time, the root of why of we Title 9K has always remained the same.

Fun runs with colored dust or costume themes did not yet grace every weekend as a commonplace affair when the our run series was born. The Title 9K was created as a celebration of women and girls in sport, a pavement party in honor of active living. We wanted to have an event that welcomed women of every pace, one that celebrated the new mother walking with her baby jogger with as grand a cheer as the gal who broke the finish line tape.

While it is a run event, no Boston Qualifier times will come from our courses, and we are okay with that. The Title 9K series is different, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • 9K distance: At not 5K or 10K but 9K long, our events are an automatic personal best for the more competitive runner, or a great challenge for she who is making the move to get off the couch and over the finish line.

  • A place for every pace: The minimum pace to keep in order to finish is around 35 minutes per mile (or about 26 minutes per kilometer.) This means that even most recreational walkers can enjoy the entirety of our event.
  • Stroller divisions: Roll on, mother runner! You and your single, double or even triple-wide baby jogger are welcome. (Yes, we’ve seen them out there!) All Title 9Ks offer two categories just for baby joggers, one each for walkers and runners.

  • the Ragamuffin Run: Why not get the kids in on the action too? Our free pre-race Ragamuffin Run offers kids a chance to take part in the action! Three divisions with age-appropriate distances are offered: the Rumbling Reds (ages 2-3,) Blazing Blues (ages 4-5,) and Yahoo Yellows (ages 6-8).
  • Prize divisions: While every finisher comes away with a finisher’s prize, we offer four big main prizes for our events. The first woman, girl under 18, and baby jogger runner over the finish line each receive a great prize bundle. Speed isn’t the only way to win at the Title 9K: the fourth prize bundle is awarded to the winner of ‘most inspirational story,’ written on why they run.
  • Race expo and goodie bag: The back of every Title 9K race tee is not a billboard, and there is no entry fee for our expo. Expo vendors offer up educational information, free samples and schwag. Our reusable goodie bags, popular at T9HQ as lunch totes, are stuffed with snacks and other goodies contributed by vendors with a local focus. No paper coupons or flyers here – just the good stuff, like samples of our favorite sunscreens, run fuels, snacks and the like.
  • Picture proof: All course photographs are posted after the race free of charge, and every race expo features a backdrop, complete with photo booth props, so participants can take a Title Nine catalog cover photo.



Ultimately, the Title 9K is about celebrating the participants: YOU!

Of course, we also have a lot of fun, too.

Plus, who could say no to some of the greatest fans and cheerleaders out there?

The question now: when are you joining us?

Why do YOU Title 9K? Share with us below!


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Let’s Train: 9 Weeks Till T9K

We love the Title 9K for so many reasons: it is a celebration of women and girls, of sport, of coming together outside and moving, all while making new memories. We cherish that it has a place for every pace, from our baby jogger walker division all the way to those who crowd the beloved “Think You’re Gonna Win It” pace sign at the front. Besides, who could say no to a race that is both an instant personal best at not 5K, not 10K, but 9K distance, and that boasts a chocolate aid station mixed in amidst the water on the course? Not us!

We want to make sure that runners and walkers alike cross the finish line strong, so we have put together a simple training plan to prepare for any Title 9K in just 9 weeks. The countdown has begun – and we can’t wait to see you at the finish!


RUN: Left foot, right foot, left foot, repeat – whatever pace is comfortable, that’s the pace to run! Get out there and put one foot in front of the other. Let run days be about distance, and not about speed.

CT: Cross training, abbreviated here as CT, can be a great addition to a running plan, but is not necessary. Cross-training could include other aerobic activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, hiking or even snowshoeing and cross-country skiing if conditions allow. Strength training and plyometric work is that great too – just don’t overdo it! Those run days are important.

REST: Yes – rest is necessary! This could either be an active rest day, such as restorative yoga or a light day hike, or it could be complete rest. Our bodies need this time to rebuild and recover so we can tackle the next big activity. Enjoy those rest days. The race will be here before we know it!

WALKERS: The first number is minutes to run, followed by minutes to walk; this is often referred to as “The Galloway Method.” Thus, by week 8, the program starts with 3/1 x 10, meaning 3 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking, repeated 10 times.

While we absolutely advocate a getting out and moving, before beginning any fitness regimen, please consult your physician to assure it is appropriate for you.


Download your own copy of our training plan here: the 9 Weeks to Title9K Training Plan
For complete event information for all upcoming Title 9K events, please click here.



the 12th Annual Mother’s Day Title 9K

We like to think that every Title 9K we put on is a memorable one, but the 12th annual Mother’s Day Title 9K in Boulder, CO just might take the cake! (Chocolate cake, of course.)


Why’s that? Well, there are certain things we simply can’t control on race day — like the weather.


But we also know you simply cannot stop a mother runner: she will lead the way no matter what the world throws at her.