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Head Into Your Run

Go for a run!

I have to write that e-mail. And then check to see if I have coffee. And then I should clean out the garage. After that I’ll go for a run. But first, I need to eradicate world hunger. And find a cure for cancer. Wait. Is that a sore throat I feel…”

Have you had a similar conversation in your head before a run? An avalanche of excuses comes cascading down and that run just doesn’t seem to happen? Well, I don’t know about you, but it happens to me all the time. And after coaching new runners for over a decade, I have heard all of their excuses toobut for each little excuse I have a sack of solutions that will help your brain and your body to get out there and get your running groove on. (more…)


Getting to the Starting Line

Training Tips

True story: When I first started running in my mid-twenties, I made it a whole two blocks, started hyperventilating like a hyena, and then proceeded to cry…like, ugly cry. I honestly thought there was something wrong with my body and my head, and that I might be dying. Those sure were good times. But, I kept at it. And the next few weeks/months that I went out, I calmed myself down and proceeded to run. It wasn’t pretty or fast, and my chest bounced more than kids on a trampoline, but I ran.  An entire year after that, I did my first 5k; and a year after that I completed my first marathon. I did not win any of these races, but you bet your booty I completed them. And there were maybe some tears at the end – happy tears of course. (more…)


A Place for Every Pace – Title 9K


In 2003, when the inaugural Title 9K starting gun rang out in the clear blue Boulder sky, we did not yet know what sort of evolution was to take place. We did not know that first Mother’s Day would spawn a run series in multiple cities, or that it would become such a big part of who we are as a company. While our races have grown over time, the root of why of we Title 9K has always remained the same.

Fun runs with colored dust or costume themes were not yet a commonplace affair when the our run series was born. The Title 9K was created as a celebration of women and girls in sport, a pavement party in honor of active living. We wanted to have an event that welcomed women of every pace, one that celebrates the new mother walking with her baby jogger with as grand a cheer as the gal who breaks the finish line tape. (And who might also have a baby jogger!)

T9K Boulder



Title 9K Boulder: What’s Your Inspirational Story?

It’s no secret that at our events, we do things differently. At our upcoming 2015 Title 9K+ Boulder, the top three fastest women across the line, the fastest mom with stroller, and the first girl and boy under 18 will receive prize bags filled with great items contributed by our vendors.

It’s not just our two dedicated stroller divisions that make our events different: the three best inspirational stories will also receive awards.


A Boulder ultrarunner, Jenn (above) had the unthinkable happen during a training run, an experience which she shared with the world via Zelle. Her experience this past summer will certainly make crossing the finish line with her four kids this year on Mother’s Day – a day that she did not necessarily think she would live to see – even more memorable.

We invited Jenn to celebrate her Mother’s Day with us at the Title 9K+ this year, and in turn, she asked to share a few words with you all on race day. We’re sharing what she had to say in advance, and how to share an inspirational story of your own with us.



Title 9K Boulder: Our 2015 Supporters

Our Title 9Ks are different – and we like it that way. There are no traditional age groupings, but there is an all-chocolate aid station. We celebrate the walking new mom pushing a baby jogger over the line for the first time with the same fanfare as she who breaks the finish line tape. The backs of our race tees aren’t billboards, and our reusable goodie bags are filled with just that: goodies.

This year, our Title 9K Boulder participants will take home treats from long time supporters

Print   CS_Tea Logo

We are very excited to welcome back

HoneyStinger_Horiz_CROP  Way Better Snacks  Basic CMYK

as well as welcoming first time Title 9K Boulder participants


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Nature-Valley-Logo_4C_opt    Snack Out Loud logo   Burts Bees Logo

Local to T9HQ and our oldest Title 9K event supporter, LUNA is proud to now boast a completely gluten-free line. We would also like to thank Honey Stinger for not only putting their beloved waffles in our goodie bags, but also for providing snacks for the finishers of our Ragamuffin Run, our free pre-race event for kids 2 to 8.

Another thing that makes every Title 9K unique is our free expo, with our 13th annual Boulder event being no exception. Who doesn’t love stashing a few extra goodies in their race bag? We know everyone loves to grab a snack after a good run, so we’ve made sure that our expo includes local eats for everyone, including some selections free of gluten, eggs, dairy and more. Supporters LUNA, Honey Stinger and Snack Out Loud will be making appearances in the goodie bags and at the expo, where they will be joined by other long-standing Title 9K expo supporters

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Also at the Title 9K Boulder expo will be Lillibee Baking, as well as other Colorado locals like

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CU Cancer Center

and first time supporters

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We are also proud to partner with Eco-Cycle annually, and thank them for helping us reduce our footprint and keeping our Title 9K Boulder a zero-waste event!


The team of Title 9K Boulder would also like to thank the good folks of the Boulder Reservoir, our many tireless volunteers, The Cup for caffeinating those hard-working volunteers, and Bobo’s Oat Bars for making sure they’re well fueled for all the cheering.

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For complete details on all of our vendors and contributors and what they’ll be bringing to Title 9K Boulder, please click here.

There is still time left to join us on May 10th!
For information on becoming a volunteer, please click here. For more information about the 13th annual Title 9K Boulder and to register, please click here.