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Chapstick, Not Lipstick

Our kind of make-up kit

Our make-up kit is different. That’s because we don’t use professional models. Our gals are nurses, surf instructors, teachers, moms, business owners, scientists, and everyday athletes. We shoot them doing the sports they love; often with their own boards, bikes, and backpacks. When our “models” arrive at a photo shoot they pull their hair back, slather on the sunscreen and get ready to play.



Meet Our Model: The Unstoppable Stephanie

Meet StephanieFormer special education teacher turned small business owner. Dedicated surfer turned competitive skateboarder. Adventurous woman turned unstoppable force. When monthly blood transfusions to treat her hypogammaglobulinemia threatened to keep her from hitting the waves, she took to the concrete instead.

There aren’t many 40 year old novice, competitive female skaters out there, but that didn’t hold Stephanie back. She dove head first (sometimes literally) into skateboarding, even when it meant being the oldest skater at the competitions. (more…)