What the heck is clean eating you ask? It’s simple.  It’s a diet full of food that is, for the most part, real food that has no artificial flavorings, colorings, or sugar substitutes. We have quite a number of T9ers here at headquarters taking on the challenge of living a clean eating lifestyle, and one of our very own, Nicquie, shared with us her story, as well as the accounts of three other T9ers making this big change in their life.

Imagine you’re in a world with all the knowledge and experience to get better. Better at what?? EVERYTHING! That’s what I have working here, at Title Nine. So what do I do with power like that? I use it to my advantage all the time. At a time in my life where I thought I would be complacent, I am changing everything about me from the inside out.  Through the years my passions have been dancing and kickboxing so I didn’t really worry about what I ate. Right or wrong. Like so many other women out there I believe I never learned enough about the most important stuff in school… how to take care of me. With the help and knowledge of my co-workers I have started learning how to LOVE working out. I went from a tired couch potato to loving being active. It didn’t happen over night but it happened. All with the help and knowledge of my Title Nine co-workers and some very well thought out company challenges that pushed me both physically and personally. Now as a group, or as I prefer a family, they are teaching me not just how to eat but how to be good to my body. Anyone can eat. We all know how.  Now I am learning the healthier perspective of fueling my body. This is our journey of clean eating.

So what exactly is clean eating? I am not exactly sure but as a co-worker recently shared with me: “your food journey is always changing to fit what works for you.” Clean eating is also known as caveman eating. Think: hunter and gather. Nothing processed and nothing artificial. Meats, vegetables, fruits and 70% cocoa dark chocolate for a treat. Count me in! Below is a personal account of four Title Niners and our experience with the clean eating challenge. The changes we are making and how they are making us feel.