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Title Nine 2010 Challenge

50km – that’s how far some of us will run, walk, hike and maybe even skip a bit on September 18th as we rise to the 2010 Title Nine Company Challenge.  At least once a year T9 rallies behind an epic physical challenge encouraging all staff to participate by providing top notch physical training, motivation and financial support for race fees.  Past Challenges have included a 24 hour relay run, the New York City Marathon, Barb’s Race & Big Kahuna ½ Iron Man Triathlons, the Marin Century Ride and a 90 day fitness challenge with Crossfit  Oakland. This year we’re training for an ultramarathon trail run through the beautiful California redwoods!

Not all of us will run the full 50k, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be rising to the Challenge! Some of us are running the 10km, 20km and 30km legs of the race and there may even be a group of non-runners hiking part of the trail.  It’s all about getting off the sidelines and into the game no matter how far or fast it takes you.

If you love a good challenge as much as we do, join us out on the trail – we’d love to see you!  If you can’t make the trail run then be sure to join us at our 1st annual San Francisco Bay T9K on November 7thCindy Olivarri, our coach for the ultra, has developed a T9K training schedule to get you up and running lickety-split. The first training run in the schedule is on September 1st so get ready, get set and MOVE IT!


Holy Fit! – We Love Fitness Friday

Holy Fit!

Watch out! Nothing stands between the T9 crew and Fitness Fridays. Check out our photos and see some earthshaking evidence of what happens when we lock up the office for a half day. To kick off summer right there was rowing (crew), sailing, mountain biking and Zumba (dance). Hopefully you’ll find the photos as funny as we do!

And you? What are your summertime shenanigans that just can’t be denied?


8th Annual Mother’s Day T9K Race Results

Thank you runners, walkers, skippers, sign wavers, volunteers galore and everyone else who came out for the race on Sunday!  You made the 8th Annual Mother’s Day t9k one to remember. 1,785 T9ers crossed the finish line in celebration of Mother’s Day 2010! We hope you had as much fun as we did and we look forward to seeing you at the starting line again next year. Photos courtesy of Christina Kiffney Photography. For more event photos, click here.

Click here
for full race results.

Top 9 Placements:

Place Name Hometown Division Time Pace
1 Jennifer Cubillas Louisville CO 40-44 39:17:00 6:25
2 Ellen Hart Denver CO 50-54 39:55:00 6:31
3 Karen Franklin Boulder CO 35-39 40:31:00 6:37
4 Diane Soucheray Boulder CO 40-44 41:56:00 6:51
5 Sarah Krakoff Boulder CO 45-49 42:08:00 6:53
6 Sarah Hansen Fort Collins CO 30-34 42:39:00 6:58
7 Michelle Young Boulder CO 35-39 42:46:00 6:59
8 Megan Stenbeck Littleton CO 25-29 43:03:00 7:02
9 Robin Catlin Boulder CO 35-39 43:03:00 7:02

Fitness Fridays 2010

This last week marked our first Fitness Friday of 2010. For those who don’t know what Fitness Friday is, periodically throughout the year, we at Title Nine close down our offices and team up for an afternoon of sport. The activities vary and are designed to be challenging, fun and sometimes a bit whacky. All of it enhances our internal team and builds relationships with our fellow T9ers. For this last Fitness Friday, we speed skated, bowled and rock climbed. Monday morning was full of chatter about how much fun we all had and more than a few hilarious stories were exchanged. We’ve posted some photos (and video) of our adventures…now everyone’s going to know (if you didn’t know already) how silly we all are!

Do ya’ll participate in your own Fitness Fridays? We’d love to hear about how others are staying fit and building teams!


Mother’s Day Title 9k – 2009 Results

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A big fat thanks to everyone that made it out to our Annual Mother’s Day Title Nine 9k Race this year. Especially to those volunteers that help us keep the Boulder Reservior spiffy. We had 1588 make it to the finish line. Below are the top 5 Ladies by place. To see where you placed go here. This race holds a place really close to our hearts. So we hope that any of you that were not able to make it out this year will come join us for 2010. Make sure to check out the pictures above and share what brought you or keeps bringin’ you out to our little race.

All Photos taken by Christina Kiffney Photography

Name Hometown Category Time Pace
1. Helen Cospolich Breckenridge, CO Women 30 to 34 38:16 6:15
2. Ellen Hart Denver, CO Women 50 to 54 39:13 6:24
3. Kerrie Wlad Longmont, CO Women 35 to 39 39:30 6:27
4. Jennifer Cubillas Louisville, CO Women 40 to 44 40:00 6:32
5. Teri Cady Louisville, CO Women 30 to 34 40:18 6:35