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Serious Competition, Serious Fun: The Title Nine Olympics.

At Title Nine we believe that sports and fitness can be fun and transformational. It says so right on our walls. Our CFO leads Tabata classes in the company gym. Lunchtime yoga is taught by a customer service rep. The distribution center hosts parking lot boot camp classes, and our stores hold their meetings while hiking or navigatiWe believeng ropes courses.

We believe sweating together, laughing together, and encouraging each other makes us better coworkers, and in turn, a better company for all of our customers.

Cheering TeamWhich is why, once a year since 2002, we shut down headquarters, suspend shipping, send customer service phones to voice mail, and fly in all 23 store managers from across the country. We come together for a day of teamwork, athletics, and a lot of silliness at the Title Nine Olympics.

Serious Competition

The 2015 games were held at a cavernous local gym. We began our morning by dividing up into eight teams with names such as Dink & Sparkle, Bras n’ Bros, and Back in Black. Team captains were chosen, cheers composed, and hilarious dances choreographed. Team loyalty was strong, and the competition was serious (injuries included), but ultimately we knew we were all playing on one big team.

Morning games included Off the Wall Ball (a game made up by our founder, Missy), Office Chair Foosball, Human Hungry Hungry Hippo, and Cup Stacking. The games were a mix of physical exertion, mental strategy, and just plain ridiculousness – something for everyone.



Move It: Summit Sisters

T9 logo MSH

Representing T9, logo and all, on the summit.

For the third year in a row, a group of Portland T9ers, dubbed the “Summit Sisters,” took on their annual climb of Mount St. Helens this last Tuesday. A favorite tradition, this year twelve gals made the trek.



Said Portland manager Ginny:
“The Summit Sisters have been training for this all summer long by climbing local mountains in the Columbia River Gorge and hoofing it up to high points on Mt. Hood. (AND most of the gals are getting extra support in new sports bras! Awesome!)  Mount St. Helens is NOT a technical climb… it’s more of a really hard hike/scramble.  Wendy (Boise retail) and Katy (home office by way of Edina retail) had the joy of doing it last year with us, so they can tell you all about it!  We are so excited our summit day is finally here!

Huge thanks to T9ers Istari and Sarah, who are held down the fort at the Portland store while the Summit Sisters chalked up another great climb.

top of MSH

the 2013 Summit Sisters

Do you have an annual trek you look forward to? Would you join the 2014 Summit Sisters?