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Glory Days

I was never an athlete. Not in elementary school. Not in middle school, and certainly not in high school where I actually earned my only “D”—in gym class. And when I say “earned,” I mean earned. I mean, you really have to work hard to get a “D” in gym. It’s not like any idiot can do it. I fondly recall skipping out on gym to do fun stuff like drive with my other hip friends to McDonald’s in my little fluorescent orange austin america to flip french fries on the hood and watch the birds gobble them up.



Why I Run?

That is a really good question. Actually, I don’t even like to run….at least most of the time. Sometimes I feel like my body is in a big fight. My lungs, heart, or legs often cry out in protest and beg me to stop while in the process. So why do it then? For the simple fact that there are those days when running feels easy and effortless. Then I know why I run. I run because I can. And since I can I should. (more…)