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Favorite chocolate

If we had an extra 9 bucks to burn, we would buy Scharffen Berger’s Milk Nibby bar. Do you have a decadent chocolate of choice? Please share with us below…

A Fit Woman is Fit for Everything

The fitness of our body fuels the confidence in our soul and the fire in our belly. We are fit to toss our children in the air or throw caution to the wind. We are fit to stand on the sidelines cheering and we are fit to lace up our cleats and be cheered on. We are fit for the board room because we know our way around the locker room. We are fit to run families and we are fit to run businesses. (more…)



They’re good, right? Well, somewhere along the way, I walked into a life with too many choices. The trouble with choice became clear on a recent trip with my kids to the toy store. What should have been a fun trip to pick out a new toy, became an exercise that ended in tears of frustration because of all the toys we would not be bringing home. At the end of that trip, my daughter observed, “Maybe next time, you should just bring a toy home to us.” Hmmmm, perhaps there’s something I can learn from that. (more…)