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Commit to fitness this year

Commit to stronger legs that mean a more confident stride. Commit to stronger arms that will bring more strength to our daily work and play. Commit to stronger lungs, lungs that will get to the finish line, to the top of the mountain, to the bottom of the run. Commit to your core, it’ll fuel the confidence in your soul. Commit to sports, commit to fitness and above all commit to fun.

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Missy Park, Founder


Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes. Yes, there are the obvious heroes: the Dream Team—male and female, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt. But there are also the stories of a quieter, more genuine kind of inspiration. Some of my favorite moments didn’t necessarily involve marquee-athletes winning gold medals, but rather the great, unsung heroes who showed both strength and grace during adversity. (more…)


Fail faster to succeed sooner

It’s a mantra of ours at T9. Failing is when theory turns to practice, failing is where the learning comes in, failing is what leads to success. But no matter how often we say it, it’s still hard to live it. So this fall, try a (more…)



Obstacles are what we see when we stop looking at our goals. I’m reminded of this when the reasons why get overwhelmed by the reasons why not. I’m reminded of this when all I see are the dangers, rather than the multitudes of opportunity. (more…)


Favorite chocolate

If we had an extra 9 bucks to burn, we would buy Scharffen Berger’s Milk Nibby bar. Do you have a decadent chocolate of choice? Please share with us below…