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-Use your outside voice

-A pull up

-Change your own tire

-Hold your ground

-Take the last piece

-Grab the brass ring

-Be a bad mother, just for a minute

-Catch a fish

-Hike or run – by yourself

-Learn to make a real fire; the kind with kindling

-Laugh really loud

-Something, everyday

Missy Park


Brought to you by Vitamin Sport*

The sight, the feel, the strength of a muscle where you never knew one existed.

The confidence born of physical competence.

The camaraderie that comes form working, winning, and losing together as a team.

The courage to put it all on the line, and then do it again.

The experience of surviving and thriving after a failure…even a very public one.

The unmatched joy of a race well-run, a game well-played or a victory hard-fought.

So this summer, get your daily dose of vitamin S followed by a chocolate chaser.

Doctor’s orders,
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Missy Park

*Actual results may vary but you do not need to consult a physician to get started



My definition of insanity…

1) Competitive team sports for kids under 10

2) Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome

3) Any diet with one ingredient

4) 24-hour “news”

5) Our tax code

6) “Gifted” children… How do they know?

7) Thin thighs in thirty days

8) High heels

What’s your definition of insanity?

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Missy Park



Into the unknown.
To conclusions
Leapfrog over doubt
Leap at the chance
Leap ahead.
Leap of faith
Leap in the dark
But DON’T look before you leap.
Just leap.

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Missy Park, Founder