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Would you rather…

Would you rather…

Be an assistant to Sarah Palin or to Robin Roberts for a year?

Think like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or play like Serena Williams?

Spend a day doing sit-ups or eating chocolate sundaes?

Only go barefoot or only wear high heels for the rest of your life?

Have a mind or a body that never aged?

Have to dress like Lady Gaga or Hilary Clinton till 2020?

Be invisible or be able to fly?

Tell us what you think and post your own Would-You-Rather below.

Have a sporty summer!

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Missy Park, Founder


Hang 9 Women’s Surf Retreat

Congratulations to Alissa P. from Bloomington, IL for winning our Hang 9 Women’s Surf Retreat!

Thanks to everyone for all the inspiring words, photos and videos.


Where are you your own best self?

At home? In the gym? In the mountains? With family? With a certain friend? In a certain place? At a certain time?

For me, I am most fully myself when I am competing with a team on a field or a court, all working together towards a common goal. Next best is working and playing here at Title Nine amongst a group of like-minded individuals, friends really. Working to move T9 forward and sharing a love of sport and fitness.

Here’s to finding that place where we are our best selves and spending more time there. Where is that place for you? Share it with us below.

Missy Park

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Pop the Question

Our most-asked-questions always seem to involve our real women “models.” Like most of us, our T9 models are ordinary women leading ordinary lives AND doing extraordinary things. So here’s your chance to get to know our models, the real women sporting our gear!

Send us your burning questions. What’s your earliest memory?? What was your worst date?? Do you think you have a calling in life?? Post your questions below then check out our catalog and web site for the inside information!


Daylight Saving Time

Some call it National Groggy Day because you lose an hour of sleep.  We like to think of it as gaining an extra hour of daylight for more running time on the trail or longer bike rides after work.  What are you going to do with that extra hour of daylight?