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Send your doggie as your work double

It’s Summer – send your doggie as your work double! Take a pic of your pooch striking their best people pose. Come on, make us laugh! Head over to our wall on Facebook to post your photo now.  Don’t delay, there may be special treats involved for our favorite dog!  🙂

And speaking of dogs, don’t forget to check out our Dog Days sale where great deals are to be had.  Save up to 40% off!

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What would your Title Nine caption be?

Perhaps you think the real women on our pages are super women. Perhaps you think their lives are unattainable.

Perhaps you think the whole thing is just a made-up, marketing mirage. But take a minute to think about what your own caption might look like, a caption that gives voice only to the good, a caption that does not allow negativity or self-censorship.

Could you even see yourself in your own caption? Post your caption below and see if you recognize the woman in the words.

If you don’t, I hope you’ll start to. She’s pretty amazing. Or post a friend’s…will she recognize herself?

I’ll finish with this caption, does it sound like someone you might know?

mom, graphic designer, business owner, elite runner

In her free time:
fine artist, community builder, all that and no clothes dryer!

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Missy Park


My Favorite Things

Girls playing sports just for the fun of it.

Boys playing sports just for the fun of it.

Ibuprofen, an aging athlete’s best friend.

Southwest Airlines and their awesome employees.

Sweet, home-brewed tea with lots of lemon.

A mountain bike ride on single track.

Fried chicken.

Alone time.

Valrhona chocolate.

And your favorite things? Share ’em with me and others below.

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Missy Park


Our Super Role Models

Because we get so many questions about our “models,” I thought I’d share some of our guidelines:

Rule #1: If you’ve always wanted to be a model, you can’t model for us. We only use gals with real bodies — no additives or preservatives.

Our “models” have real jobs or consuming passions. Since we spend a LOT of time with our “models,” they’ve gotta be interesting and interested, someone with whom we’d want to spend a lot of time.

And always, unselfconsciously confident.

In the end, our “models” are regular women, leading regular lives, lives not so very different from our own.

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Missy Park, Founder


It’s Good to be Bad Recipe Contest – Winners!

After an epic tasting party, a few food comas and much deliberation we’ve tallied up the votes. Congratulations to our 9 winners and thank you for all the entries!

Kristin – Anacortes, WA – Decadent Chocolate Macaroon Bars

Terral – Great Falls, MT – Chocolate Croissant Pudding

Deb – South Hampton, NJ – Spinach Pie

Rene – Hancock, MI – Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Christine – Lakewood, CO – Pumpkin Roll

Lydia – Tucson, AZ – Mango Raspberry Cobbler

Joal – Poynette, WI – Eggnog Pound Cake with Rum Glaze

Monika – Fremont, CA – 7 Layer Fudge

Nancy – Rochester Hills, MI – Chocolate Bark

Thanks to these fine folks for the prize baskets: