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#EmbraceTheDetours Instagram Challenge Highlights

Our Favorite Detours

For the month of March we challenged you to show us the wrong turns and accidental adventures in your lives. Those times when you chose to shoot hoops with your son despite your lack of gear, or your whole family begged to come on your long run, or your dog literally u-turned you mid-workout. Moments when the path led you somewhere unexpected.

Though we could only choose one image to win Title Nine gear each week, we were blown away by all the submissions. Your humor, resourcefulness, and adventurous spirits have truly inspired us to keep embracing the detours in our own lives, because as you showed us, the detours are where the most interesting stuff happens!

We hope you continue to #EmbraceTheDetours by following us on Instagram and tagging your adventure and workout pics. View more of our favorites below, or head to Instagram to check out all the submissions.



#EmbraceTheDetours Instagram Challenge: Week Three

 Week Three Challenge: Four-Legged Detours

Take me to:
Week Two Winner

Four Legged Detours

Your workout is planned, but your furry friend has other ideas. Maybe he’d rather run through the trees than stay on the trail, or maybe bath time turned into a ‘chase the wet dog’ dash. Snap a picture of you and your canine companion (or any favorite pet) the next time she leads you on a detour. Where did the unexpected adventure take you?

This week’s winner will receive our detour-ready, fast-drying Rogue Short ($49) or Rogue Skort ($64), plus a Mighty Bright Light ($15) for Fido.

Read on for how to enter.



Holiday Haiku Contest!


Do you know all the words to The Dreidel Song? Can you drop a mean rhyme about Santa Claus? Sing us your favorite holiday song or write us a festive holiday haiku (5/7/5 syllables) when you check out at our stores or online. We’ll give you a little something for your creative efforts!



One-in-a-Million: You Could Win!

We are excited to announce that Title Nine is partnering with Timbuk2 for an incredible giveaway!


A true San Francisco original, Timbuk2 was born from a bike messenger making products that served his own needs — and, much like Title Nine, it found its start in a garage in 1989. Timbuk2 brought customization to the masses, launching the first online customizer in 1999. Every single custom bag Timbuk2 makes is still put together by hand at their headquarters in San Francisco. While Timbuk2 continues to grow their lines, the original made in San Francisco custom messenger remains the iconic style and the heart and soul of the company.

For years, we have proudly brought you our exclusive One in a Million messenger bag: a durable, timeless, place-for-everything messenger bag crafted from specially chosen seasonal fabric that Timbuk2 only offers through Title Nine.

We know that our fans and customers are completely unique – so now we are giving you a chance to create a custom messenger bag that is as one of a kind as you are!

Tell us why you are One in a Million in 50 words or less and YOU could win!

One in a Million Messenger

ONE lucky winner will score a size small Timbuk2 messenger bag, customized for and by you!

Two runners up will each take home a medium custom Tartine Tote.




NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN Title Nine and Timbuk2’s One in a Million Contest. Title Nine and Timbuk2 employees, affiliates, are not eligible for this giveaway. Open to legal residents of the continental US and DC who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Begins midnight PT 4/7/14, ends 11:59 p.m. PT 5/7/14. Void in Puerto Rico & all other US territories & possessions and where prohibited. By entering, you are agreeing to provide your information to Title Nine for email notification purposes.


Drumroll Please and the Winners Are …

t9surfboard_collage_thWe were totally overwhelmed by the response to our surfboard contest! Thank you all for the truly wonderful entries and a special thanks to our friends at Carve Designs and Entropy Surfboards for providing the grand prize that inspired all of the stoke!

We received 1,465 entries (including one that was received via mail… and was LAMINATED!). We were overcome with inspiration and hope by the stories you told.  On more than one occasion, we wondered if we could somehow get more surfboards to give away – and believe us, if we could, we would.

In the end, we had to choose just three.  Here are our winners along with 5 honorable mentions with stories that we felt deserved to be shared with all of you.  We hope you are as touched and inspired by these folks as we are.

the folks at title nine

The Lucky Ladies

Prize Name Hometown
T9 Surfboard Lisa Pratt Ward Johnson City, TN
$100 Gift Card + Team T9 Membership Sandy Highland Klamath Falls, OR
Team T9 Membership Donna Blue Kingstowne, VA

Grand Prize Winner – Lisa Pratt Ward
I don’t deserve the surfboard, but my friend and the most amazing mother of 2, Taeryn, really does. She lives on the Oregon coast and loves to run, swim and surf. She always encourages her kids to play outside too (even though it rains a lot). Taeryn is the quintessential “Title 9” mom. Three months ago, Taeryn’s 5 year old daughter passed away from cancer. Through it all, Taeryn has been so brave, so positive, so strong. I know a surfboard won’t bring back her daughter, but it might give Taeryn a few moments of solace and peace.

Taeryn and Grand Prize Winner Lisa

Taeryn and Grand Prize Winner Lisa

2nd place runner-up – Sandy Highland
I love the ocean, especially the crashing of the waves and the smell of the salty air. I am a 60 year old grandmother of twelve, three of whom are teenage boys who surf and skim board all the time. I can’t keep up very well because all I have is an old foamy board, and I grub all the time, but I always try my best! My oldest grandson says I’m a “kook!” With a new title 9 board I could show them that I am a hip grandma and that they better watch out, Surfs up!!

3rd place runner-up – Donna Blue
I found the athlete in me — however, later in life. I was morbidly obese for most of my adult life — weighing in at 330 lbs. I even purchased a handicap adaptable condo in Alexandria, VA for it was just too difficult to walk up steps. One day I woke up and was 48 years old and I was depressed. I looked at what I had done to my body. I couldn’t blame anyone else — God and genetics blessed me with health and I was destroying what was given to me. My Mother was visitng (80 then — 92 now) and we had a long talk about life and aging. I felt inspired and I finally took ownership of my weight/health problem. The next day I started my very own improvement program and after two years I had lost 170 pounds. I exercised each and every day for one hour — no excuses and the results have been just overwhelming. While I never thought of myself of active or athletic and would have never guessed that I would enjoy sweating — the new me has proven to be quite the competitor. I am now 60 (just a few months away)

Some more of our top picks!

I want to win this surfboard for my sister Carrie, my hero. Carrie had an accident with a borrowed surf board that knocked out teeth and scared her face. My beautiful sister kept her spirits up and love for surfing even after many months of surgery and healing. I want Carrie, a teacher and the mother of three young children, to have her own board (not borrowed) to take time for herself in the waters of Hawaii where she lives. But knowing Carrie, she will also use the board to show her two daughters and son the joys of surfing.
– Jennifer Olsson

My wife would be a great candidate for the board. As a former lifeguard and occassional surfer, she traded in that lifestyle to be an “Uber-Mom.” As a home health care nurse and mother of two, she rarely thinks of herself. Our son, who is autistic has twice gone to a surf camp for autistic children, however, surfboard money, instead goes to therapists for our son. A surfboard would provide my wife with the opportunity to recapture her youth, and more importantly an opportunity for her to capture his attention.
-Jason Budd (husband)

Dear Title Nine Folks: A super cool surf board like this would be great for women, and girls who would not have an opportunity to ever experience the thrill of this board, the water, waves, wind, and the power of becoming body, mind and heart. I live on a Lake Michigan town, where surfing in alive and well. My work as a at-risk teacher, has led me to teach school during the school year and start a small women’s, and girls outdoor adventure business, in the summer months. The goal of the business is to reach women and children who want to go outside, but to help those who would not have oppurtunities to have outdoor adventure experiences. This board would help many ladies, and girls become conifdent about themselves, learn how to become with natural elements, and learn about problem solving skills!
– Laura Mitchell

Freedom, Strength, Beauty There was no girls team; I wanted to run. Dad wasn’t happy, “Girls play tennis, they don’t run.” The guys and coach said yes. We won the 1972-1973 state track meet, I was the only girl; then came Title 9. Thirty-eight years later I still compete but now beside thousands of strong, beautiful women who run, cycle, surf, box, lift, throw, vault, climb, and kick. There’s a granddaughter on the way, this “sweet ride” will be hers. A symbol that passes along the value of Title 9; the freedom to compete and be strong and beautiful.
– Mary Jane Tapen

18, a senior in high school counting down the 7 days I have left until I enter the world. A year ago in Rye Nh, I learned to surf as my Senior project/thesis. Up on the first wave and have fallen head over heels for the ocean, up at 5 am everyday of the summer since (only I don’t have my own board I bum one off friends) I live at the base of a Nh mountain where I snowboard in the winter, the only girl on the local shred team and love every moment of it. (not trying to play the sympathy card) but feburary,I was diagnosed with spinal fractures, as a result of spinal cancer. I can only describe it as heartbreak.Knowing this mite be my last summer of adventure, for the rest of my life, is a total buzz kill. I’m awaiting a spinal fusion surgery to keep me walking. I want to become an Environmental scientist,study abroad in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and save green sea turtles. Cancer sucks,but the ocean is awesome. Its a beautiful thing to lay on a surf board of your own,name it and paddle though the rough to the calm together. I cant promise the board and I would make it to study abroad and save turtles, but the two of us would enjoy this summer and wouldn’t go a healthy day with out seeing the ocean.
– Kayla Parcells