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Pockets are Power

Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration. -Designer Christian Dior

Pockets are practical, private and powerful. An invaluable item that serves an indispensable purpose: to hold your belongings on the go. But did you know that pockets have a hidden history that has led to this invaluable compartment being left off of much of women’s clothing?Eighteenth Century Pockets

Dating back to the medieval times, pockets were nonexistent. Instead, men and women alike used small bags that they tied to their waist, similar to fanny packs.



Do It In a Dress: Meet Lisa

We love this “Do It In a Dress” customer submission from Lisa F. of Oakland, CA. Thank you again Lisa for sharing how you spin!

Here’s the story straight from Lisa:
“DO IT IN A DRESS IS MY NEW MANTRA: Hi. My name is Lisa F. I was reading your catalog after work yesterday and loved your “Do it in a Dress” photo and slogan. It prompted me to tell you this story that happened to me on March 28th.


I had just finished teaching an 8 a.m. spin class at the Club at the Claremont in Oakland, Calif. I had showered and changed into a black, sporty dress, on my way out to a bar mitzvah. I was almost out the door when the club manager told me that the 9 a.m. teacher was a no show. I popped my head in. About 25 club members were already on their bikes, waiting for class to begin and the teacher was not answering her phone. I sprung into action. (There’s nothing worse than not having your teacher not show up for class.) I strapped on my cycling shoes and taught the entire class in my dress. The class was super happy and grateful. One even took pictures. I had a blast – the dress was actually quite comfortable, minus the skirt part getting caught on the seat once or twice! I raced home, (didn’t shower) and threw on a purple version of the same dress. Made it to the bar mitzvah a bit late, but not so bad. I still heard the important part of the service.”

Is there anything that can’t be done in a dress? We don’t think so.

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