Author: Missy Park


They’re good, right? Well, somewhere along the way, I walked into a life with too many choices. The trouble with choice became clear on a recent trip with my kids to the toy store. What should have been a fun trip to pick out a new toy, became an exercise that ended in tears of frustration because of all the toys we would not be bringing home. At the end of that trip, my daughter observed, “Maybe next time, you should just bring a toy home to us.” Hmmmm, perhaps there’s something I can learn from that. (more…)


Look Where You Want To Go

It’s amazing how compelling obstacles can become. Sometimes, I can’t tear my eyes away from the drop-off on the left, even though I should be looking at the line I need to hold on the trail. So in life, I find that I am most successful if I can will myself to block out the barriers and focus all my energy on the end. So here’s to seeing the trail and not the drop-off, focusing on the opportunity rather than the risks, seeing the finish line rather than the hurdles. (more…)